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What is a Naming Sprint... a short intro on how we work.

Humans form connections with words based in our knowledge, experiences, and context, which explains why you probably get two completely different feelings when you read the words ‘Kitten’ and ‘Cockroach’. 

Just like those nouns convey inherent meaning, the right name gives an identity to your brand, product, or service, and helps you differentiate it from other players in the market.

A Naming Sprint is a super-fast name development process designed to meet the unique naming needs of businesses in today’s faster-moving world.

We achieve this by capitalizing on the creative abilities and insights of your diverse team of brand-focused individuals. 

Whether it’s the CEO, CMO, CTO, designers, engineers, marketers; everyone is creative. Everyone in the room has ‘valuable’ input. 

And, getting input from all stakeholders of the business puts everyone on the same page from now moving forward.

Naming Sprints deliver a series of high-quality name candidates to allow a company to choose the right name for their brand, product, or service without getting mired in legalities, copycats, or compromises.

No more endless rounds of ‘creative’ that take months and cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars. We simplify decision-making — and wrangle proven linguistic elements into unique and powerful name options — fast.

In short, Naming Sprints are ‘concentrated creativity’ sessions. 

With your ‘Sprint team’ locked in a creative environment, we lead them through the questions that matter to get to the desired outcome.

This, in turn, drives immediate value as a sprint produces viable name candidates in a much shorter amount of time — with subsequently, far less cost to your business.

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