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We're for the Founders.

When it comes to name development, Founders are like parents.

You wouldn't hand a detailed description of your newborn off to a stranger and ask them to come up with a name, would you?

It's the same thing with your brand, product, or service.

The other guys think they can ask you to fill in a questionnaire and then 'leave them alone' to do their thing, get all creative, or whatever.

Then, when they come back with your name, you're supposed to be blown away with their prowess.

That wouldn't work for a parent. And, in our experience, it won't work for a Founder either.

We expect you to be intimately involved in the development of the name for your brand, product, or service because nobody could possibly understand your vision like you and your team.

And getting to that reality takes a lot more than a questionnaire. Which is why our process is built as a series of collaborative Sprint sessions.

Over the course of three Sprint sessions, we work one-on-one with you and your team, leading you to the real insights, the right understanding, and the in-depth knowledge that only you can provide.

If that sounds like too big a time commitment for you. If you don't want to dedicate those sort of resources to naming your baby, we might not be the right firm for you.

But, if you recognize that this decision, this process, these insights could be the catalyst to your success or failure, and you're willing to get your hands dirty to get it right, we'll probably be a great fit. 

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