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We do brand, product, and service naming. That's all we do. 

As such, we've designed our Naming Sprints to be accessible to all businesses, allowing us to produce high-quality, impactful, and original results without watering down the process or cutting prices to produce, frankly, templated junk. 

We know that naming services can range from $500 by a kid in his mum's basement right through to $100,000 from the good folks at Lexicon who brought you BlackBerry®, Pentium® and PowerBook®.

So, you can definitely find a less expensive namer, but you can find a whole lot more expensive too.

We’re a boutique consultancy with fair prices for companies who require turn-key project management and the right names that simply work.

What's the bottom line?

Simple, our fee is $8500 for our pre-Sprint market research, the three-session Sprint with you and your strategy team, the follow-up report and our recommendations and insights for your best options.

The resulting naming report contains a list of at least twenty (20) pre-vetted name candidates across multiple different naming styles, including our recommendations (& reasoning) for your best results.

Why twenty?

Because, while we pre-vet each naming candidate that we present to you, not all of them will pass the legal trials.

Think of it like Hunger Games for names. There are a bunch of other companies out there fighting to win the game, too. Some are well hidden, some are just plain unscrupulous. We want to make sure you have the opportunity to beat them.

Ready to get started?

Your Naming Sprint comprises three (3) work sessions with your strategy team followed by a call to deliver your report and name options.

The first team work session will last approximately two (2) hours and is offered on Mondays. Please choose the time for your first session from the calendar below.

The second and third team sessions are offered on the Tuesday (the following day) and Thursday of the same week as your initial session.

The second and third sessions will run for approximately four (4) hours each and begin at the same time as your first session unless other arrangements are made.

For example, if your first session is at 1:00 pm on Monday, your second session will be at 1:00 pm Tuesday and your third session will be at 1:00 pm on Thursday.

You will receive meeting links for each session 1-5 days in advance.

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